Increase engines efficency higher than 30%, no carbon deposits


Lower energy consumption used by heating systems.


Lower energy consumption used by heating systems.


Lower energy nuclear reaction research and developpement

Welcome to SOHE

Swiss OxyHydrogen Energy researches are oriented to mankind’s evolution, that implies to find a clean energy solution who does not lower our living standards and comfort.

Develop a clean energy alternative in regard to lower gaz emissions and fossile energies consumption, is going to be this century humanity’s biggest challenge in regard to ensure his prosperity.

Water is the solution. Using high end electrosis in order to obtain from the water a gas who is an isomere of H2O the manipulation of it is the key to a clean and efficient energy alternative.


Water electrolisis - 8 years
OxyHdrogen Manipulation - 5 years
Moire deflectometry - 3 years
Prototypes developement - 2 years

E3  Friendly

  • Equity
  • Efficiency
  • Environment

Our partners

Our partners are the reflection of the constant quality of our researches. They trust our will and our capacities to reach the SOHE goals for clean energy.

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